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Mar. 24th, 2008

More yarn! This is similar, but not identical, to the "Morning Magic" yarn I did a week or so ago (and which I am pleased to note has sold from my etsy store).

I call this one "Starlight":

I used the same grey merino, this time plied with a metallic thread that is primarily turquoise and gold, but has a hint of pink when the light catches it just right. Makes me think of twinkling stars.
When I got home today, I made this:

It's a threading hook for spinners, and the design is inspired by the Grimm's Fairy Tale, "The Goose Girl." (I still have fairy tales on the brain as it is this month's challenge theme for EtsyFAST.

Am I disturbed for thinking of this?
I have been a busy little spinner the last few weeks.

I call this one "Morning Magic", and I am very pleased with the way it came out. It even got featured in a treasury by redmag, which made it to the front page of Etsy and resulted in a huge number of views for my store...though sadly, no sales.

This one is "Dream Come True", and is a little more girly than I usually go for, but I have been trying to expand my color palette. This is more of the faux cashmere, and boy is it soft.

Mar. 11th, 2008

I just finished spinning up some new yarn last night to post in my etsy shop.

"Diamonds and Pearls"

It is white faux cashmere plied with metallic thread which has been strung with swarovski crystals and faux pearls. I was inspired by the fairy tale "Diamonds and Pearls", hence the title.

And it got featured in a treasury by epicurus.

Lordavon invited me to be her partner for a swap on Craftster. She specifically asked me to make her some Blake's 7 stuffies. She listed a few of her favorites, and since I had never seen the show, I had to look up pictures of them, which she was also helpful in providing. Anyway, she seemed to like them so here they are:

In return, lordavon knitted me up some spiffy wristwarmers:

These are very soft and warm and fuzzy. I was having difficulty taking pictures of them on me, though.

and earmuffs:

Yes, those are bunny ears. I think they might need some wire around the edges to help them hold their shape, but I really like them, and they will help to keep me warm.

and a stuffed bunny:

Cause you can never have to many stuffed bunnies. Well..I can never have to many stuffed bunnies, anyway.

And finally a bunch of origami, which proved difficult to photograph:


I received my items for the Dead Like Me swap, that I thought I would share with you.

Cool tote bag.

Best Cross Stitch Sampler EVER.

An eyeball pincushion...because, everyone needs one.

Cross and Frog pendants/necklace.

Murray and Happy Time stitch markers! Yay! Stitch markers!

Also got this cute pair of gloves, which she did not make, but which I like anyway.

Now, if only the post office would deliver my stuff to her. Am starting to get a bit anxious about it.


Feb. 26th, 2008

So, I have had a very exciting week for my etsy store. On Sat, a customer ordered $50 worth of yarn. Cool, huh? Of course, I spent some of that buying this really awesome barrette, because I always need more hair things.

And then today, I got featured in a treasury from North Star Alpacas so that will hopefully send some more business my way. Yay!



I participated in another stuffie swap, and my partner and I have both received our new little friends. I got this adorable Totoro:

He is super soft and squishy, and makes a great pillow, and I love him.

And here is what I made for my partner. His name is Phineas:

And, a closeup of his cute face:

Are you getting sick of seeing these yet?

Too bad! 'Cause I am not quite done making them. Still have a few more pairs to go.

This is one of the pair I made for my stepsister.

And this is another pic of the pair I made for the co-worker, so you can see the almost-matching stripes.

As a side note, I should have some non-knitting items to display soon. :)

More knitting

Finished this pair of cabled handwarmers last night.

This is my first pair that has half-fingers. They were kind of a pain to make, but oh my, they keep your hands super warm.

The best part - these are a special request for a co-worker, who is actually going to pay me for them. Cool, huh? (The novelty of getting paid for my crafting still hasn't worn off).